About Sally

For the last five years, you have come to know Sally Bagshaw as a Seattle City Councilmember. You’ve seen her tackle tough issues and not shy away from difficult conversations. You’ve seen her advocate for our park system and watched her stand up for neighborhoods.  That’s Councilmember Bagshaw in action, but she’s so much more than that.

Did you also know that…?

  • Sally has served on the Seattle City Council since 2010. She loves her job.
  • She is a lawyer and served as Chief of the Civil Division for the King County Prosecuting Attorney for eight years.
  • Norm Maleng was her mentor, a role model, and a dear friend.
  • She majored in history at Stanford University and returned to her home state to attend the University of Idaho Law School.
  • She helped establish a legal clinic at the YWCA’s Opportunity Place where she and other lawyers provided free legal advice and representation to homeless women. Sally was awarded the “Pro Bono Attorney of the Year” by both the King County and Washington State Bar Associations.
  • She is mother to two adult sons who both attended local public schools. She believes in strong parent participation and great public schools.
  • In 2012, she said “Neighborhood Greenways” 584 times. Maybe more. And she is VERY proud to be working with Seattle Neighborhood Greenways to make excellent pedestrian and bicycle connections for all ages and abilities.
  • She chaired Allied Arts Waterfront for All Committee envisioning our great Waterfront. Much of the original vision is coming along nicely. She’s rooting for Bertha.
  • She was elected twice to the Lake Forest Park City Council while she worked at the University of Washington as the Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise Officer.  She also rode her bike to work regularly, about 22 miles round trip. (She really appreciates safe and separated bicycle lanes).
  • She now is the proud owner of an e-bike and advocates for safe and separated bicycle facilities.
  • She believes in urban centers and appropriate density and better yet, lives it. She and her husband Brad have lived downtown for fourteen years, walking to work every day.
  • Her favorite movies are Shawshank Redemption, My Cousin Vinny, and Bull Durham.
  • She spearheaded Shoreline School District’s first all-day kindergarten and believes universal pre-school will be an excellent investment for our city.
  • She earned her pilot’s license in 1997, her instrument rating in 1998, commercial rating in 1999 and is a certified flight instructor.
  • She has been known to pilot sick children to medical facilities and camps throughout the region with the non-profit organization Angel Flight.
  • She is a bluewater sailor, and in 2008, she and her husband sailed from Seattle to French Polynesia in their 39’ sailboat.
  • Her favorite color is emerald green.
  • Her motto is “bring people together to get things done”, and that is what she does. She is known for her thoughtful sensible decisions. She strongly believes in the adage “power shared is power gained.”
  • Sally is blessed with a very supportive family and life-long friends.  Her husband, Brad, is a trial lawyer and novelist who represented gay and lesbian couples in their struggle for the right to marry in the 2004 case, Andersen v. King County. He won in the lower court and they both worked for the successful R-74 campaign.
  • Her older son and fabulous daughter-in-law live in Brooklyn, New York. They have a daughter named Violet who shares Sally’s love and interest in the phases of the moon, planetary movements, and constellations.
  • Her younger son and new wife live and work in Singapore with a baby on the way.


So that’s a bit about Sally Bagshaw. Want to learn more? Click here.